Sea Turtle Safety on 30A

A Guide to Sea Turtle Safety on 30A

When you visit the beach this summer, it is important to know and understand how you can help save the sea turtles! Upon arriving at your vacation condo at Adagio on 30A you are sure to see signs up near the beach about how to protect the sea turtles as they nest during the summer months. We have written a guide to sea turtle safety on 30A to help you prepare before your trip!

Sea Turtle Safety on 30A

Seeing a sea turtle when you visit the beach always makes for an exciting memory. Locals see them frequently and still get excited every time a sea turtle makes an appearance. We believe that sea turtle nesting season could see a spike of nests this year due to the vacancy of our beaches last year. Because of this, we want to help inform you of how to detect a nest and what to do if you find one.

Interesting Facts About Sea Turtles

  • They are considered one of the most endangered species along the Gulf Coast.
  • Hatchlings are attracted to the bright openness of the water and can get confused when beach homes leave their lights on at night.
  • Humans are known to be the largest threat to baby sea turtles.
  • Nests are tracked by roping off a portion of the beach.

How You Can Help

  • Leave No Trace – When packing up from a day at the beach, make sure you leave no trace that you were there. This means fill all holes from chairs or umbrellas and pick up all of your trash. Also, make sure to flatten any sandcastles that were built. (Make sure to take a picture of it though to remember it after you leave the beach.)
  • If your condo at Adagio is one that has a direct beachfront view, make sure to close your blinds or turn off all your lights.
  • Do not use a camera or flashlight to direct the sea turtles to the ocean. Their instincts will guide their path!

So, follow these guidelines for sea turtle safety on 30A the next time you visit the beach! It is always fun to spot a sea turtle in the ocean, but it isn’t encouraged to interact with them.