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Should You Book a Fishing Charter on 30A this Summer?

One of our favorite things to recommend to guests when they are searching for the perfect water activity is to book a fishing charter! They are fun, exciting, and expose visitors to a whole new experience they might not have thought to check out themselves. There are a few things to consider when you book a fishing charter. For example, when are you visiting the coast? This helps determine what fish you can catch and keep. The age groups you have in your travel party will also dictate how long of a trip you book. Let’s take a closer look at all the things you should consider when you reserve a fishing charter on 30A.

Should You Book a Fishing Charter on 30A this Summer?

Who to Book With

There are tons of charters to choose from. When you stay at Adagio on 30A you have easy access to charters in Panama City Beach and Destin, FL. Destin is known as the World’s Luckiest Fishing Village, so we find that guests typically make the drive over and book a fishing charter in Destin. To find a list of charters to consider, click here! Make sure to read their Google reviews and visit the website. This way you get to know the crew and book the right fit for your group.

What to Bring with You

The two most important things to bring with you on your fishing charter include sunscreen and water. We even recommend bringing (or wearing) a long sleeve shirt and hat to protect you from the sun. You will be busy catching fish during your time out on the water and won’t want to have to reapply sunscreen. Staying hydrated is key to enjoying the entire day and can also help those prone to getting seasick. Other items to consider bringing include – a camera, snacks, a cooler to take your fish home in, and towels in case someone takes a dip in the Gulf.

What You Can Catch

Do your homework before you go so you can be prepared for what you can catch and keep. Some local favorites are only in season for part of the summer while others are hard to catch but open all summer long. Visit to get detailed information about what you can keep, how big the fish has to be, and more. No matter what fish are open, you will love the feeling of reeling in a huge catch!

What to Do With the Fish you Catch

You get to keep the fish you catch, so what do you do with it after? You have a couple of different options. 1. Utilize your fully equipped kitchen while staying at Adagio on 30A or 2. Take it to a local restaurant and ask them to cook it. We recommend giving the restaurant you have in mind a call-in advance to see if this service is available the night you are hoping to visit.

Book your fishing charter on 30A today and prepare for an exciting adventure!