Delicious Thanksgiving Cocktail

Cinnamon and Rosemary Old Fashioned Recipe

Visiting the beach this holiday season? What better way to celebrate than with a delicious Thanksgiving cocktail out on your own private balcony overlooking the water? We have the perfect recipe for you! This Cinnamon and rosemary old fashioned recipe is easy to make, not too sweet and is sure to keep you warm as the temperature drops along the Gulf Coast. Keep reading to discover how to prepare this savory cocktail.

Cinnamon and Rosemary Old Fashioned Recipe

What You’ll Need:


Cinnamon Sticks



Orange Peel


Steps to Prepare:

  1. Add the honey, bitters, and bourbon to a glass. Stir or shake until the honey is dissolved.
  2. Pour that into a cocktail glass and top with orange peels, rosemary, and a cinnamon stick.

Pro Tip: Before adding the orange peel, give it a squeeze. This will release the orange smell and give it an extra zing.

This cinnamon and rosemary old fashioned recipe is perfect for a night in at your Adagio on 30A vacation rental, or for entertaining. We always recommend you let the drink sit with the cinnamon stick in it for 10 minutes before consuming. This allows the cinnamon fragrance to come through in the bourbon. We hope you enjoy this delicious holiday cocktail recipe!