Have you Heard of the Underwater Museum of Art?

Learn More About the 30A Underwater Museum of Art!

As seen on Smithsonian.com, Travel Leisure, The New York Times, and National Geographic, the 30A Underwater Museum of Art is a triumph for the Gulf Coast area. It is the first permanent underwater sculpture garden in the U.S. It serves as a beautiful attraction that divers love to visit, and a beneficial part of the ecosystem. With time, the sculptures metamorphize into a living reef. This attracts a variety of marine life providing a much-needed habitat. The museum sits at a depth of 58-feet and at a distance of .93 miles from the shore of Grayton Beach State Park.

Learn More About the 30A Underwater Museum of Art!


It has been around since 2018, but each year they make updates, adding new sculptures. Each deployment of sculptures since 2018 has gathered more crowds and more artists wanting their work to be featured. You can visit their website to view pictures of the sculptures from each deployment. You may even get lucky and be in town when the 2022 deployment is happening. It is incredible to see the boats needed to carry the sculptures out to sea, lift them from the boat, and carefully place them on the ocean floor.

How You Can Help

Throughout the year, the UMA hosts fundraising events to ensure the art is cared for and to raise money for the equipment it takes to add art each year. You can be a part of these incredible fundraising events! This year, the Under the Sea event is being hosted on May 4th from 6 pm – 9 pm. It will be in Grand Boulevard’s Town Center. You will get the chance to meet UMA artists, enjoy special food items from restaurants in the area, and hear music from Grammy-nominee Jontavious Willis. This event supporting the 30A Underwater Museum of Art is a must for all supporters to attend!

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